An online platform where students help students.


Ever since the start of COVID-19 I knew I wanted to do something. I've been struggling to find a good Idea for a project, until a quiet saturday afternoon. Suddenly the idea for an online learning platform came to mind. So I've contacted Giancarlo to see what we could work out in a short period of time (3 weeks).


Studoo is an online platform where college students can sign up to help other students with their work at home. Since the younger students studying at home can't always get help from their parents or siblings I wanted to solve that problem. With Studoo a student can look online for a studybuddy who can help with certain topics.

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    Giancarlo Segier (design, development)
    Me (concept, development)

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Studoo. mockup foto


Despite the fact that both Giancarlo and I were still working 9 to 5 for our internship we decided to give it a shot. We've been working long days and weekends to get this MVP done as soon as we could. We started by finalising the concept and features while already starting up the design process. We haven't designed the whole platform beforehand which was be frustrating during development sometimes but we made it work. I must say pretty proud of the result. Have a look!

Becoming a studybuddy

When signing up to Studoo you get asked the usual information like name, e-mail and a password. Next to the usual info we ask what topics they can help with as this is the required information we need to build a profile. When logged in you can still go to the profilesettings to set a profilepicture, previous experience, a small bio, days when you're available,...

Recieving a request

The students who are looking for help can ask questions to one of the studybuddies on the platform trough the connection requests. When recieving a connection request the platfrom automatically sends you an e-mail to let you know you someone needs your help. After approve the request the studdybuddy can contact the student in need to help with certain questions.

Check out the online project
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