Connecting people within a communtiy


For our bachelors thesis we had the opportunity to work for Next Festival. The client’s question was “How to increase the visibility of the Eurometropolis from interactive, digital media expand at individual, group or any level and ensure that each connection is valuable through the NEXT festival?”.


We came up with the concept of sending digital postcards through an interactive installation. This installation could be placed in the culture houses and theaters partnering with Next. Not only there but relevant public places are a possibility as well. A user in one location can choose to write a postcard, when sending the postcard it will be sent to one of the other installations in the other cities. This way we can connect the local residents of the Eurometropolis by letting them share their own knowledge. The users can learn all about the other cities and locations within the Eurometropolis. the experience doesn’t end after sending a postcard. When writing or answering a card you can always keep on following it’s journey though your personal track and trace page.

  • Team

    Jarno Michiels (ux, design, motion)
    Sofie Patoor (ux, research,
    front-end development)
    me (ux, font and backend development)

  • Tools


  • Client

    Next Festival

  • Year


Connext. mockup foto


We started by working out the flow and features of the installation. Through the installation the user gets the option to write or open a postcard. To prevent useless messages or the user not knowing what to say we started by presenting 6 relevant themes based on a survey we did beforehand. The user also gets the chance of personalising the postcard with different images linked to different regions within the Eurometropolis. The next step after choosing a theme the user get presented 3 template messages based on their chosen theme, we did this again also to prevent the user of not knowing what to say but also for the user who want to save time. User with a lot of time can choose to write their own message on the card. When the message is done, the user gets the chance to verify the card and make changes if needed. If the card is done, the user can press a stamp on the card and gets presented a QR-code to scan and follow the card on the mobile track and trace page. Opening a card starts with a collection of all the cards. The user can swipe and search between all the different cards and open the one they like. After opening the card the user has the option to either answer the card or throw it back on the pile. When answering the card the user can share their own knowledge about the topic on the card. After answering the card you get presented the QR-code to keep following the same postcard.