My first shot at a cross-platform mobile app


In our expert development module we had the chance to work on a personal project. We could make whatever we wanted as long as we were using new technologies.


For this project I wanted to create a product that solves problems. I’ve always wanted to make a native application using react-native so this is how Parked became a reality. We all know the struggle of finding parking or being sent to a parking that appears to be full. The problem of standing at the parking meter trying to predict how long you’ll have to park, but also not wanting to overpay so you just take the minimum time you thing you’ll need. Later returning to a parking ticket because you

  • Team

    Me, myself and I

  • Tools

    google services

  • Client

    Devine Howest

  • Year


Parked. mockup foto


I started by defining the main features of the app which are the parking locator, the parking timer, the parking pinner and the parking planner. The main focus was to cover most of the parking experience, now the app covers finding a parking, knowing when to return to your parking and where to return to. The parking locator is based on real-time open data to make sure you find a parking site with available spots left. The results are ordered by distance. Clicking through to the details gives you a visual representation of the route to the parking and giving you the option to navigate to the parking. The parking timer prevents the user from getting parking tickets, as I experienced this before and know for a fact it sucks. The parking timer gives you the option to set a timer that will notify you on time when you should return to you car. The pinner automatically uses your current location to determine where your car is at, but you can always set it to another location if you like. Not only can you save your location but you can also add extra data like parking spot number, parking level or extra notes. The parking planner makes sure you have a parking for your next date. Based on the planned events on in your device’s calendar , the parking planner finds the closest parkings to your destination through google.

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