Niets is wat het lijkt.

Online platform built in React.js


Opera Ballet Vlaanderen is looking for a way to provide better and more relevant pieces to their audience. Looking for a way to get stories from the society and use those as a starting point for new performances.


We created an online platform where the user could react to images related to everyday topics posted by Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. The user’s reactions to these images give Opera Ballet Vlaanderen an insight on people’s opinions about these topics.

  • Team

    Aline Bossuyt (research/ux)
    Jarno Michiels (ux/ui)
    Me (ux/development)

  • Tools

    Contentful cms

  • Client

    Opera ballet vlaanderen
    Devine Howest

  • Year


Niets is wat het lijkt. mockup foto


Aline had an example of an online platform where images were posted by the admins, and the online community could react to them. We decided to go on from there and made our own online platform. Although React.js was something new to all of us, I wanted to give it a shot and chose to create the platform in react with content coming from MongoDB and Contentful cms and images being saved on cloudinary.
It might take a while until the app is loaded, since it's on a free heroku service.

Check out the online project
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  • screen image
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