Develop a swift iOS app.


Create a native iOS app using swift. We could pick any topic we liked, there just had to be three different parts/screens to it.


This was at the time the tv show “De mol” was on. A gameshow where the contestants have to fulfill daily missions to win money, while trying to find the one contestant who is in there to sabotage all of these missions. Each of the contestants have a little notebook where they can write anything suspicious down, so I wanted to give the viewer the same opportunity with this is app.

  • Team

    Me, myself and I

  • Tools


  • Client

    Devine Howest

  • Year


iPresent. mockup foto


The design is a simple list with all of the contestants, so you don’t lose too much attention from the show while looking for the right contestant. I added a big button to quickly add anything you might’ve seen during one of these missions. Each of the contestants then has its own page where anything you wrote down can be seen.

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  • screen image
  • screen image