A digital creative with a love for coding.

My name is Kacim Fedjkhi, pronounced fetch-key for those having a hard time reading my last name. I’m a 23 year old Digital Design & Development student at Howest Kortrijk.

I’m always eager to learn about new technologies and ways to improve. In my spare time you can find me at the skatepark or binge watching Netflix series.

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  • Front-end development

    hmtl, css, sass, js, react.js

  • Cross media design

    Cross device UI/UX design

  • Motion design

    Adobe after effects

  • Some back-end experience

    Node.js, MongoBD, Socket.io, php, MySql, twig, craft cms, contentful cms

  • Adobe software

    photoshop, illustrator, after effects


  • Skateboarding

    I love it, it's awesome.

  • Development

    It's a love hate relationship at times

  • Tech

    Anything actually

  • Design

    Even bad design can be interesting

  • Illustration

    I've always liked it

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